Auction 2018

12 william blacker patterns – starting price: 1000NOK

Auction 2016

During the event there will be a auction with the following items available to bid on:

Kvennan Flyfishing: Guiding 1 day/2 pers value NOK 3000,- Starting bid:1000NOK bellyboat NOK 3000, starting bid 1000NOK

Flies by Long: starting bid 750NOK


The Butcher, tied by Bent Arild Mathiesen, starting bid 500NOK


Idsjöstrømmen Flyfishing/Lars Åke Olsson: Fishing 2days/2 rods value SEK 2000,- starting bid 750NOK

Eikre Fly: 1 salmon rod 15′ 9/10 value NOK 4995,- starting bid 1500NOK

Loop Europe: 1 Incite 9′ #5 rod/reel/line value NOK 2695,- starting bid 1000NOK


Guideline: 1 rod EXP4  905 value NOK 1299,- starting bid 500NOK


Barry Ord Clark: 1 framed fly & photo value NOK 1500,- starting bid 750NOK


GERO Sportsfiske: 1 GREY 8′ #4 value NOK 2699,- starting bid 800NOK