Flytyingforcharity will this year also be done at the yearly SIM Fly Festival in Castel Di Sangro, Abruzzo, Italy the 24th and 25th of June 2017

From Alberto Calzolari we got the following information:

In addition of being a moment of friendship and sharing of a common passion, what’s new this year is that SIM has adopted the event “Flytying for Charity”, a project that starts from the heart and passion of our common friend Jon Strand from Norway.

During the festival we will have fly dressers to tie 2 hrs each, Saturday morning at 10-12, donating their flies, and also donations from other participating tiers and exhibitors.

During the SIM Festival we will organize a raffle and sell tickets, in addition to sell donated goods.

The proceeds will benefit the people in the NERA RIVER VALLEY, UMBRIA region. This region was devastated by earthquakes last year and several communities still need help to get back on their feet. The money will be spent to buy food and products from local farmers and then be donated to those who live there or to other charities, so it’s DOUBLE IMPACT, a sort of “Volano” (flywheel) effect, as defined by SIM President, Osvaldo Galizia.

We kindly ask you to send us some flies or contribute with other donations that can benefit the cause.

You can also send us flies or other fishing stuff at any time, even after the SIM Festival event. At a later date we will organize an online (or offline) auction to sell the collected items. Again, all the proceeds will be used for the NERA Valley reconstruction and will be passed on with no deductions.

For those that are on Facebook there is a event page:

To donate flies or other contributions, ship to,

Alberto Calzolari
Via Del Cappello 2/5
40067 Rastignano Bologna