This is a project solely meant to use flytying for a good cause, initially helping children in hospitals to get a break in the daily routine and give them something else to do during treatment. Then we can use the simple yet so effective “flytying” to help someone else, not just thinking of what’s my next trip, my next big fish, my next profile photo, NO simply using it to make someone else’s day a little brighter, and frankly, it’s that simple! Tie a fly, sell it, give the money to a good cause!
That’s where you come in, if you’re a fly tier, tying a fly (as you’ve done hundreds of times before) but now it’s to put a smile at someone else’s face! Not too much effort needed.

During the venue, at our boot, you may buy a bracelet + fly for NOK 100,-


Initially FlytyingForCharity was started by me to raise some money for the children in a local hospital, namely Elverum in Norway.
The idea was to give them some funds to rent clowns, go on day trips, buy new play-consoles, games etc just to give them a break in treatment, suffering and longing for mom & dad(!)
Children are the last ones that need to go to a hospital, not because they don’t have a medical need, but because they’re simply so young and haven’t started life, their suffering seem so unjust!


Inspiration came from different places, Jeff “Bear” Andrews has done 24hr tying several times, to raise money for river conservation, then my own employer Wideroe Regional Airlines, has a yearly happening, “Drømmeflyet/Dreamflight”, were they fly kids with cancer, on a daytrip, to an amusement park! Crew and staff on their spare time, the company (WF) pays aircraft and fuel, air traffic control waves their fees etc. It’s become a huge success, 35 kids with a guardians (usually mom or dad) goes on a daytrip to forget treatment, pain and suffering, just fantastic!
All together it made me put things together and plan a new “gig”, why not use something I do, for a good cause.
After sitting in the “boys-room” for 35+ years tying flies, it was time to do something different, put it to a good use, hence combining “Flytying marathon” with hospitalised kids, BINGO!

Jon together with Head Senior Counsultant Jon Grøtta at Pediatrics ward in Elverum


After just a few weeks, people are showing great interest and support, sponsors are generously donating materials and equipment, the Norwegian Forestry Museum are opening their doors to make it happen, friends and strangers are tying flies and sending them in, not only from Norway, but from “everywhere”, quite touching actually, to see how fellow tiers are embracing the idea of helping children! Now, in July of 2016, 3 weeks before the first launch, I’ve started planning venue no 2, in May 2017, but who the beneficiary will be, got no clue at this point, but planning, effort and sponsors will make it happen, and someone, not so fortunate, will be a little better off.
That’s all for now, thanks for your time and support!

Happy tying!



Jon Strand, Norway, initiater and flytyer
Kjell Rakkenes, Norway, strategy/contacts
Håvard Eide, Norway, web/technical solution
Niklas Dahlin, Sweden, strategy/contacts
Sandra Tjørn, Norway, sponsors/contacts


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